Oldish fanart – Kanji Barfs a Rainbow

Kanji Barfs a Rainbow

I painted this for my sister for her birthday a while ago – this is her favorite character from the PS2 game Persona 4.  Vomiting a rainbow.  Yes.

Watercolor and gouache.

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Octopus Vs. Plane

No, that's not Oceanic 815.

A concept piece I did a while back.  I like octopi.  I like jets.  Thus this was born.  Ink, Photoshop.  I like working with these tones and need to do so more in the future.

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Seriously, we have to go back.

Just re-watched the Lost season 5 finale tonight.  2 weeks left until the season 6 premiere.  So excited!  Anyway, I drew this a while ago – just a fan comic about the season 3 finale.  The last line just lends itself to hilarity.

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Deep Sea Merfolk

What lives at the bottom of the sea

My most recent work… I started thinking about deep sea fish, and then I started thinking about merfolk, and the two sort of melded together.  Ink drawing colored with Photoshop.

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Post the first.

Welcome to my new art blog.  It’s not much… but it’s a place for me to post my artwork, both old and new, and sort it out.  I have a lot of interface work to do, and a lot to learn about WordPress, but I suppose I’ll fumble my way through things.  That’s how I learn anyway – I try things, make mistakes, and eventually figure it all out.  Enjoy.

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