Heavy Rain Fanart – Norman

Another Heavy Rain fanart/wallpaper, this time featuring Norman Jayden, who is the best character, end of story.  Click on image for full size – it’s a 1680×1050 wallpaper.

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Heavy Rain Fanart – Scott

My new obsession is the PS3 game Heavy Rain.  Instead of doing work for grad school tonight, I whipped up a wallpaper featuring one of the four main, playable characters.

I was going for a real Saul Bass aesthetic here.  I have great ideas for the other 3 PC’s – Madison, Ethan and Norman – but I don’t ever have any time these days.

P.S.  Click on the image for full size.  It’s 1680×1050, feel free to use as your personal wallpaper… but if you share it around, please credit Alex Fienemann ❤

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