Painting time!

I do non-digital, non-watercolor artwork, too!  I used to HATE painting until I figured out a completely obsessive-compulsive way to do it:  mix up colors at random, save them in jars and give them funny names (with the “recipe” for the color on the label), and then just do flat semi-abstract quasi-kawaii paintings on canvas board.

This is my first full acrylic painting in a long time.  I call it “Bubbleclops.”  It’s also for sale at my Etsy shop here!

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Are you seeing the colors yet, Ralph?

I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Enormous. I’ve been reading his books for longer than I haven’t, having picked up my first King book, It, when I was in seventh grade.  So I can’t believe I only recently read Insomnia.  The imagery in the book was so evocative and beautiful that I knew well before I was halfway through the book that I had to paint the auras.

Watercolor and acrylic on coldpress watercolor paper.